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Brazilian Keratin Treatment

It takes anywhere between 1.5 hours 4 Hours Depending on the hair length and thickness.


  1. Consultation -

    WE discuss with you about prior chemical service performed on your hair, and what are the Desired results then we pick the formula to use. (This may take up to 10 min depending on how curious you are : )
  2. Clarifying -

    We shampoo your hair 2-3 times with Clarifying shampoo to remove excess styling products, Build-up and to help open the cuticle so the Keratin can easily penetrate. We leave the shampoo on for 10min. (20 Min).
  3. Drying -

    We brush your hair and completely dry it   ( 10Min )
  4. Application -

    We apply the solution on your hair a bit away from your scalp in small sections, small amount of products applied but it has to cover it all, then we let it sink in for 10-20 min. ( 30Min )
  5. Blow-drying -

    Using a vent brush we blow-dry your hair completely. ( 10Min )
  6. Ironing -

    Starting at the nape area, we flat iron your hair small section at the time, 5-8 times each section. (1Hr-2.5 Hrs )

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