Hair Colorists in NYC

Have you been searching far and wide for the perfect hair colorist? At the Chen Levi Salon, our NYC hair colorists are happy to sit down with you and discuss your needs. We want you to walk away from our salon with exactly the kind of hair coloring you hoped for.

At our salon, our team of NYC hair colorists is passionate about all things related to hair and we want to share some helpful highlighting tips with you as well. Our expert colorists also offer semi-color and ammonia-free/peroxide-free hair dye if you are afraid of damaging your hair.

Our team is full of NYC hair colorists for blondes, hair colorists for red heads, and hair colorists for brunettes. Each hair expert knows the in's and out's of the specific color of hair that they are working on, guaranteeing that any hair job you get will be flattering to your particular shade.

We offer the following services:

  • Color Correction – Whether you have just experience a botched dye job or highlights that are not up to par, we can help. If your brown hair has turned mousy, your blonde hair ashy, or your red hair dull, we will restore vibrancy and richness to your hair color.
  • Single Process – We will apply a new color or toner all over your hair to create a new base color. This is a popular choice for clients who want to cover gray hair or add luster to hair that has lost its shine.
  • Double Process – This is more often used for lightening hair more drastically than just one shade. If for example, you want to go from dark brown hair to light blonde, first the hair will be bleached to get rid of natural or colored hair color, and then a new pigment is added to create the color you are looking for.
  • Highlights - Add dimension and light to your hair. Most flattering shades include gold, honey, amber and rich red hues. Highlights brighten up your hair and in turn brighten up your face as well.
  • Lowlights - Add depth to hair. Used to make hair a few shades darker to "break up" too-light hair.
  • Foiling – Our NYC hair colorists place very fine sections of hair onto rectangular sheets of foil and color or lightener is applied, then the foil is folded over the hair to keep it in place. Closest application to hair root of all highlighting techniques.
  • Chunk - Large sections of hair are lightened randomly to promote the boldest highlighted look. Can be achieved through foiling or baliage.
  • Highlights Repair –Most clients with highlighted hair visit a hair colorist every month or so. In order to combat the frequent touch-ups, we can low-light the hair to take it back to early coloring job, reducing the contrast of colors, allowing clients to get a few more weeks out of their highlights.

To learn more about the Chen Levi salon and to get a free hair color consultation from one of our many talented NYC hair colorists, call us now at 212-751-6689.