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High lights Low lights

Going through hell in your quest for the perfect highlights?
Our hair colorists shares some helpful highlighting hints to banish
return visits to...Highlighting Hell...forever!

Add light to hair; best in shades of gold, honey, amber and rich
reds. Highlights add a brighter dimension to hair color.

Add depth to hair. Used to make hair a few shades darker to "break up" an over lightened head of hair.

Very fine sections of hair are placed onto rectangular sheets of foil and color or lightener is applied, and the foil is folded to keep color in place. Closest application to hair root of all highlighting techniques.

Hair color or lightener is "hand painted" freestyle onto select strands of hair; great for personalizing color on textured and wavy hair.

Large sections of hair are lightened randomly to promote the boldest highlighted look. Can be achieved through foiling or baliage.

Highlights Repair
Most women who wear their hair highlighted are visiting their hair colorist every 4-5 weeks , that's because the highlights effect has gone after 5-8 touch ups therefore we provide a very simple solution ... we're low lighting the hair in order to take it back to the 2nd-3rd coloring, then the contrast is not as sharp as it was before and you can enjoy your color for a few more weeks! 

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