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Japanese Straightening - The Process

Hair analysis: We have to analyze the hair in order to decide which type to use. (h1) hard type or (s1) Soft type. And to know which protectors we have to use. There are 4 products we have that protect the hair and prepare it to the straightening

Shampoo: We shampoo the hair with special shampoo and conditioner.

Pre treatment: We spray 2 of the products through out the hair and on very damaged hair we use a 3rd one.

Applying the solution : Applying the solution 1 inch away from scalp on a small sections starting from the nape then cover with plastic shower cap.

Rinsing off the solution: We rinse off the solution gently, shampoo and apply conditioner.

Ironing: We spray 2 more products in dry hair 90% and flat iron the hair small section at the time.

Applying neutralizer: Applying the neutralizer 1 inch away from scalp and leave it in for 5 min

Rinsing off the neutralizer: We rinse the neutralizer well, at that step we donít use shampoo, only conditioner applied.

Blow dry : This is the last step, we spray one product in., blow dry and style your hair.

* Make sure to get instruction on DO/DONíT DO for the next 3 Days.


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