Japanese Hair Straightening in NYC - The Process

Hair Analysis: The first step involves analyzing your hair in order to determine the type of process to use. There are two types, (h1) Hard Type and (s1) Soft Type. Next, a stylist will choose from the four protector products available to protect the hair and prepare it for straightening.

Shampoo: A stylist will shampoo the hair with special shampoo and conditioner.

Pre-treatment: The stylist will then spray our protector products throughout the hair. On already damaged hair, we use a third protector.

Applying Japanese Hair Straightening Solution: Stylist will apply the solution 1 inch away from the scalp on a small section starting from the nape. After this, we cover it with a plastic shower cap.

Rinsing Off the Solution: The stylist then rinses the solution gently, and shampoos and conditions the hair a second time.

Ironing: Stylist will spray two more products in dry hair and then flat iron the hair in small sections.

Applying Neutralizer: The neutralizer 1 inch away from scalp and leave it in for 5 min

Rinsing Off the Neutralizer: Stylist rinses the neutralizer and applies conditioner.

Blow Dry: This is the last step. We will spray one product in, blow dry, and style your hair.

* Make sure to get instruction on DO/DONíT DO for the next 3 Days.


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