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Japanese Hair Straightening FAQ

Q Does REPAIR work on any type of hair?
A REPAIR can be applied to any hair type or naturally curly hair of any degree.

Q Do I need to have a certain length of hair to receive REPAIR treatment?
A REPAIR can be applied to hair longer than 5 cm.

Q How long does the REPAIR process take?
A Three to four hours, depending on the hair volume and degree of damage.

Q Can I do REPAIR and coloring (Top-on-Do) at the same time?
A We recommend not applying REPAIR and coloring at the same time. Color your hair at least one week before the REPAIR process. Applying these processes simultaneously will result in hair damage, so do them separately to prevent undesirable effects.

Q Can I color or perm my hair after REPAIR?
A You can style your Repaired hair in any way you want, but wait at least one week before doing so. If you are dyeing gray hair, it is recommended that you do it after the REPAIR process.

Q I have used other hair-straightening systems before. Can I still try REPAIR?
A Applying REPAIR will not cause a problem, but the process may not work fully on badly damaged hair.

Q How long will the effects of REPAIR last?
A Basically, the hair that receives REPAIR treatment will remain straight almost permanently. However, newly grown hair will again have natural curl. We recommend that you receive REPAIR treatment every three to six months, but the exact interval will vary depending on the degree of curl and length of hair.

Q After I receive REPAIR treatment, will I need to use special haircare products?
A There are no special hair care products you need to use after the REPAIR process. However, many different products are available on the market for colored/processed hair and damaged hair. We recommend that you select the products most suitable for your hair type. YUKO offers the G Series and other hair care products that will work optimally on your Repaired hair.

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