Sugaring in NYC

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Sugaring is one of the hair removal techniques that we provide here at the Chen Levi Hair Salon in NYC.

The major difference between sugaring and waxing is that in the former process, the binding agent that is applied does not adhere directly to the skin. This is the case with waxing, which causes mild irritation in some skin types.

Sugaring is unlikely to cause any kind of irritation because its binding agent only adheres to the hairs, not the skin itself.

Like waxing, sugaring has been used by people for hair removal for thousands of years, though it is only recently has the process been made efficient and affordable. This is due to the rarity of many of the ingredients used, which include all natural ingredients that must be brought together from various parts of the world. For example, certain types of sugaring applies guar gum as a resin, which is only cultivated in India.

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